96 self-containded apartments
20 m² - 40 m²

The buildings at Kriekenpitplein are located on the lovely green grounds of UCU, Utrecht University Campus. UCU is situated in a nice quiet neighbourhood called "Rijnsweerd-Zuid", between the city center of Utrecht and University Campus De Uithof. Nearby you will find the beautiful Wilhelmina Park where you can enjoy the sun and a nice picnic.

The building
The Kriekenpitplein buildings are residential buildings with about 100 apartments for international guests. It is a great place to meet people from all over the world, while enjoying the comfort of your own apartment!

The apartments
At the Kriekenpitplein buildings we offer about 100 comfortable one-room and two-room (the bedroom is located on a mezzanine) self-contained apartments. The apartments are for one person only. You have your own bathroom and kitchen-unit. The accommodation is furnished. The complete inventory list can be found in the housing offer on our Short Stay booking site, or on your MySSH page. The apartments at Kriekenpitplein vary in size. ­A laundry facility is conveniently located in the building. If you have any questions about your apartment, you may contact the UCU landlord. He has an office in the dining hall just next door.­

Internet: yes
Wifi: yes
Elevator: no

yes, you may park your car for free on Campus, paid parking outside the Campus

Bicycle shed: yes

Rent allowance
It is possible to apply for a rent allowance. For more information, visit

For whom
The apartments at Kriekenpitplein are reserved for Exchange , Bachelor, Master and PHD students of Utrecht University.

How to book a room
Exchange, Bachelor, Master and PHD students of Utrecht University may register for ‘Short Stay accommodation’. After approval by their university, they can log in and book a room.

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