Wij werken vanwege het coronavirus zoveel mogelijk vanuit huis. De bezetting op onze kantoren is daarom beperkt. We verzoeken je daarom om eerst onze online FAQ te checken. Staat jouw vraag daar niet tussen? App ons (+31 88 730 4200) of mail ons dan (info@sshxl.nl). Je kunt ons alleen bellen voor urgente reparatieverzoeken. Dit doe je door te bellen naar ons algemene nummer (+31 88 730 4200) en de 1 te kiezen in ons keuzemenu.

Is it possible to continue staying in my short stay room?​
Nice to hear you wish to continue your stay with us! Unfortunately you can’t stay longer than two semesters in your Short Stay room, as this room has already been reserved for other students. If you only have a one-semester contract now, and wish to extent for a second semester, please contact your local SSH office to see if that is indeed a possibility for you.

Can I move from a Short Stay room to a regular SSH room?  
If you wish to continue to live in the Netherlands, you can register with the SSH for regular accommodation in Utrecht, Rotterdam, Zwolle and Tilburg. The minimum age for registering with the SSH is 16, and the maximum age is 27.

We allocate accommodation on the basis of the registration date with the SSH. The longer you are registered, the bigger the chance that you will be allocated the accommodation. If you live in ‘Short Stay’, your first day of renting applies as your registration date. As soon as you have registered, send an e-mail to info@sshxl.nl with your registration details so we can change your registration date. As soon as you are registered, you can reply to the rent offer. The offer depends on the number of occupants who cancel their rent. Take into account that several students often reply to the offer and that you may have to present yourself to the other occupants. Please note that you cannot reserve regular accommodation in advance, like you would with our Short Stay rooms. You will find a guide to renting here.

This video will learn you more about how it works to apply for Regular housing!