Our properties are very diverse; choose what suits you!

No SSH building is the same! That’s why you can choose what suits you in terms of location, atmosphere, size and of course price. A brand new complex close to the lecture halls? Of a characteristic city building? Your choice!

Rental period fits with most of the exchange programs

Together with different educational institutions we have set fixed rental periods. Therefore, most rental periods fits within most of the exchange programs in the Netherlands

There is a one-time reservation fee

Registration for Short Stay is free! When you book an accommodation with us, we will charge you a one-time reservation fee of maximal €160. You can find the reservation fee of your educational institution in the terms and conditions.

We have nice common areas inside and outside the accommodations

We know exactly what students are looking for. Every day we see what student accommodation, and in particular the shared, common areas, mean to students. A room with your own amenities is of course pleasant, but having a housemate in the kitchen, living room or at the roof terrace can be at least as important. And, if your housemates help you feel at home in your new place, that gives you a solid foundation for achieving top performance at your college or university. We follow this philosophy whenever we create shared spaces inside and outside the accommodations.

In case of an emergency, we are 24/7 accessible by telephone

Emergency? Call our 24/7 phone number (088) 730 42 00 and/or 112. We’ll try to help you as soon as possible!