Offer by University of Groningen

The University of Groningen reserves a number of furnished rooms with the SSH especially for their international students. All accommodations are fully furnished and located in several buildings in Groningen. Registration is free. Only when you submit a reservation, you are charged a reservation fee of € 77,50 euros.

When can I book accommodation

Students from the University of Groningen can register for a Short Stay accommodation for the 2020 Spring semester (start date February 1, 2020) from the 1st of October 2019 onwards via this website.  From the 7th of October, 2019 at 9 AM you will be able to book one of the available accommodations after you have been approved by your university. That means that in between these dates you have time to get approved by your university and consult the information of the rooms that will be available to you.


Albertine Agnesplein
  Bisschop Nierman
Centrum (BNC)
€ 361 - € 441   € 350 - € 430   € 416 - € 539
SSH University of Groningen Albertine Agnesplein

Exchange students

  SSH University of Groningen BlekerslaanBachelor's/Master's students
  SSH University of Groningen Plutolaan BNCPhD, Postdoc, staff and ultra short stay
Hoendiep     Hofstede de Grootkade   Kornoeljestraat
€ 720     € 517 - € 830   € 390
PhD, Postdoc, staff and ultra short stay     SSH University of Groningen Hofstede de GrootkadePhD, Postdoc, staff and ultra short stay   SSH University of Groningen Kornoeljestraat

Exchange students

Martinihouse   Melkweg/Kraneweg   Moesstraat 8
€ 359 - € 503   € 340 - € 357   € 379 - € 484
SSH University of Groningen Donderslaan (Martinihouse)Bachelor's/Master's students   SSH University of Groningen Kraneweg/MelkwegExchange students   SSH University of Groningen Moesstraat 8Exchange students
Moesstraat 16   Planetenlaan   Frascati International House
€ 370 - € 455   €410 - €486   € 390 - 542
SSH University of Groningen Moesstraat 16Bachelor's/Master's students
  SSH University of Groningen PlanetenlaanPhD, Postdoc, staff and ultra short stay   Bachelor's/Master's students
    Winschoterdiep Upsilon Suite 23  
    € 343 - € 476 € 494  - € 552 € 375 - € 475



  SSH University of Groningen WinschoterdiepBachelor's/Master's students Exchange students Trefkoel Groningen SSH Student HousingBachelor's/Master's students, PhD Exchange students

For whom

  • Exchange students
  • International bachelor and master students
  • International staff or guests
  • PhD candidates
  • Students at University College Groningen

How to apply

First, you need to register for short stay on this website. Your university will receive a notification once you have completed your registration. Your university will review and authorize your registration.  After authorization by your university, you can log in to My SSH and reserve an accommodation. To finalize your reservation, you will be asked to make the first payment, which can only be made by the means of a valid credit card.

Exchange student? Select your end date carefully!

When you register for the 2020 Sping semester, you can choose between two different end dates: June 30, and July 13. Please keep in mind that the end date you choose has consequences for the buildings you can book a room at. We will carry out maintenance work at three buildings in the Summer of 2020 so these buildings can only be rented until the 30th of June. All other buildings are available until the ‘normal’ end date provided by your university in Groningen.

End date June 30, 2020
Buildings available; Van Swietenlaan, Albertine Agnesplein, Moesstraat 16

End date July 13, 2020
Buildings available; Kornoeljestraat and Melkweg/Kraneweg
You can also choose to register for both periods if you do not have a clear preference for one of the end dates. You can do so by following these steps:

  1. Log in at
  2. Go to “My Information” and follow the link in the text that says “click here”
  3. Fill out the small form with the new rental period
  4. Wait for approval by your university
  5. As soon as you have been approved you can swith between the different periods by activating them via the “My Information” tab on your account. Our website will display the availability for the registration that is activated at that moment.

Rental agreement & Rental periods

A lease is for a fixed and limited period of time only, which equals the length of your study program and has a maximum length of twelve months. The rent price for these accommodations is all-inclusive. The fixed rental periods are stated in your terms and conditions.

Arrival moments during for the 2020 Spring semester

All rooms for the 2020 Spring semester are available from February 1, 2 PM onwards. We expect you to arrive on the starting date of your contract, but can understand it might be more convenient to arrive later (is not possible to arrive before the starting date and time of your contract). To be able to give you a warm welcome at your SSH residence, we have set dates and times during which you can arrive. After you have booked a room you will receive more information on how to register for an arrival date and time. Please note that you cannot arrive at your SSH residence outside these dates and times, so please arrange your travel plans accordingly.

Saturday 1st of February 2020, check-in between 2 PM and 5 PM CET
Sunday 2nd of February 2020, check-in between 11 AM and 1 PM CET
Monday 3rd of February 2020 and onwards, check-in possible by appointment with the Residence Assistants. Please keep in mind they are not available 24/7 and not late at night.