Offer by Tilburg University

Tilburg University cooperates with the SSH to arrange accommodation for their international students. Tilburg University reserves 250 furnished rooms with the SSH at TalentSquare Tilburg. The rooms are reserved for its international students on a degree programme.


€ 474        
SSH Tilburg University TalentSquare    

For whom

  • Bachelor and Master students
  • Students University College

When can I book a room

Academic year 2019-2020
You can register from Wednesday 15 May 2019 onwards. Your registration will be reviewed by Tilburg University. You can find the Short Stay booking procedure “How it works,” on our website.

Booking / registration approval dates:
After approval you can book an accommodation from Wednesday 22 May 2019 10:00 AM.

Rental agreement & Rental periods

SSH accommodation reserved for Tilburg University can be rented for a fixed period only. When you reserve a room, you will sign a rental agreement with a maximum length of twelve months. The rent price for these accommodations is all-inclusive. The fixed rental period is: 15-08-2019 to 14-08-2020.

How to apply

First you need to register for ‘reserved accommodation’ on this website. Your university will receive a notification once you have completed your registration. Your university will review your registration and give approval if it is correct. From May 22th and after approval by your university, you can log in to My SSH and reserve accommodation. In order to finalize your reservation, you will be asked to make the first payment.