Step by Step info on how to book a room or apartment via Short Stay.

Short Stay
Several universities and companies have Short Stay with the SSH especially for their students and staff.

1. Check if your educational institution is listed
Click on the name of your city below to see whether your educational institution has Short Stay for its students and staff. Here you can also read the terms & conditions, check the rental periods and see when you can book your accommodation.

Overview educational institutions
MAASTRICHT: For Maastricht you have to book under ‘Short Stay’, even though your educational institution is not listed

Is your educational institution or company not listed?
Please check our Regular Rent offers. In Utrecht, Tilburg, Rotterdam, Groningen and Zwolle, SSH also offers unfurnished and furnished rooms and apartments to students, trainees and graduates who are not affiliated with the listed educational institutions or companies.

2. Sign up for Accommodation
Register with SSH for Short Stay. Registration is free. Only when you submit a reservation, you are charged a reservation fee. Check the information page of your educational institution to see what the registration fee is.

3. Get approved by educational institution
Your educational institution has to approve your registration. The university determines whether you can book from the housing offer they have reserved with SSH. After approval by your educational institution, you will receive an e-mail with more information about the reservation process and when you can make an reservation.
*For Maastricht SSH will approve your registration.

4. Book your accommodation
Check the rent offers and book your accommodation.

5. Make the first payment and sign your rental agreement on-line
During the booking process, you are asked to make the first payment and sign the rental agreement.

6. SSH will send you a confirmation
When you have finished the booking process, SSH will send you an e-mail to confirm your booking.

7. Arrival
Approximately 2 weeks before the start date of your rental agreement, SSH will send you an e-mail with arrival info.

8. Departure
Approximately 2 weeks before the end date of your contract, we will contact you about your departure, how to leave your accommodation and where to leave the keys.

9. Continue your stay in The Netherlands
Do you plan to stay in The Netherlands? Read more about your housing options with SSH.