As a resident you have a big impact on the CO2 emissions of the building where you live. This largely depends on the use of the home. Do you, for example, have a modern refrigerator or an old one from your (grand)mother? Do you always heat up your living room to 22 degrees? Or only 19 degrees if you’re at home? Do you shower for 20 minutes or 5 minutes daily? During the Student Energy Race we see how participating houses - by adjusting their energy behaviour - save on average 25%!

SSH is convinced that the sustainability of only the “building” is not enough. Therefore, in addition to the phased sustainability of the buildings, we are also trying to support and encourage residents to deal consciously with energy.


Saving energy is not only good for the environment, it’s also good for your wallet. Anything you can save you don’t have to pay. As an SSH resident, your costs for gas, water and electricity are charged once a year on the basis of the actual consumption of your household, building or complex.

1. On average 75% of the gas bill goes on the heating of your house. A big cost item, so you can save a lot! Tip: Turn the heating a degree lower, this quickly saves €100 per year. It doesn’t matter if you switch the heating from 26 degrees to 25 degrees, or from 18 degrees to 17 degrees. It saves just as much gas and therefore also the same amount of money.

2. Leaving a charger in the socket without a device will cost you on average about €4 per year. How many chargers are there in your house? Think about your iPad, laptop, tablet, JBL, game console, phone, bicycle lights, toothbrush.

3. A 2 mm layer of ice in your freezer will make your freezer work 10% harder. Defrost your freezer! Be careful, boiling water over cooling elements is harmful, so take your time. Get everything out and put it outside (if it's cold) with newspapers. And then? Nothing! Just wait until it’s thawed. Towels to catch the ice water. You’re doing nothing and yet you have done something good.

4. Try to take a shorter shower, saving both water and gas. Every day a one minute shorter shower than you're used to makes all the difference, or €23 per year! If all your housemates do it, it will make a big difference. So much so, that you might want to shower for two minutes less!

5. Clothes dryers slurp energy. Use the clothes dryer as little as possible and hang the laundry as much as possible and clean the heat exchanger regularly.

We will gladly help you become more sustainable

Tenant initiatives
Do you have a good idea to make your home or complex more sustainable? Let us know! We have €30,000 available every year for (sustainable) tenant initiatives. You can submit your idea at More information can be found here.

Personal energy advice
Do you want personal advice on how you and your housemates can make your home more sustainable? Request free energy advice. An expert will come to your house to give you customized advice on how you can (still) make more savings on your energy bill. Send an email to Note: there are only limited places.

The Student Energy Race
Do you want to deal consciously with energy for five months with housemates? Sign up for the Student Energy Race. Every year different student houses compete against each other to see which house saves the most energy. On the basis of an app, the participating houses can see at any time of the day how much energy they save and how the other participants do it. The participating houses are offered various workshops and there are of course nice prizes to win.

Economical white goods via SSH
Did you know that old fridges and freezers can be huge energy guzzlers? SSH has entered into a partnership with Splash Lease, a company that specializes in renting economical white goods to students. We are conducting a pilot between November 2018 and November 2019. Residents of a number of selected complexes will have the opportunity to rent economical white goods cheaply via SSH. They receive a 10% discount on the normal rates and the first half-year rent is free. A condition here is that the old models are removed from the house in question. If successful, SSH will roll out this offer at the end of 2019. Are you interested but your house is not participating in this pilot? Send an email to

Cooking electric
Unfortunately, many of our homes are still connected to natural gas. Gas is a fossil fuel which is responsible for a significant part of our CO2 emissions and is damaging to the environment. SSH is taking steps to reduce the consumption of gas in its homes. An annual budget is available to replace the gas cooking connections with electric cooking connections in SSH houses.