Report a repair

Do you want to report a repair?  Fill in this form. Do you have an urgent repair: fire, water or a gas leakage, storm damage, et cetera? Please call +31(0)88 730 42 00. You can also reach this number outside office hours in case of an emergency.
Maastricht resident? In case of an emergency outside office hours, please visit the service desk downstairs, or call +31(0)43 364 7300.
Campusplein/Kriekenpitplein resident? Please e-mail to or call (030) 253 99 86. In case of an emergency please call +31(0)30 253 44 44.

Both the SSH and occupants are responsible for some repairs to, and minor maintenance of, the living areas and communal living areas. In the Maintenance ABC: Maintenance_abc.pdf, you can read which repairs are carried out by whom and have to be paid for. The Maintenance ABC applies to Regular accommodations only, not to Short Stay accommodations.



You can upload one or two photos to clarify your situation (not mandatory!).
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png.