Rent price

The rent price consists of two parts: the net rent and the service costs (and, if applicable, the inventory). Together, they form your gross rent. This is the rent that you pay each month to the SSH. Here, you can read what these costs involve. International residents that live in furnished short stay accomodation pay an all-inclusive rent.

Net rent and gross rent
The net rent or ‘basic’ rent is the fee that you pay for the use of the residence or accommodation unit and any gardens and communal areas. The basic rent plus the service costs form the gross rent: the amount that you pay to the SSH each month.

Service costs
Service costs are the costs for additional provisions and services: everything which is added to the basic rent. For example, cleaning the general area and the window cleaning fund. Gas, water, electricity and taxes are often included in the service costs if you live in a room. Occupants of an independent residence often pay these costs themselves to the suppliers, the municipality and the water board. You can read in your rent contract exactly what you are paying for. For this purpose, go to My SSH.

Settlement of service costs
A part of the service costs is variable, such as electricity costs. The amount that you pay each month is an estimate, based on the anticipated consumption. Each year before 1 July, the SSH settles the costs from the previous calendar year with the advance payment that you made. If you move house, you may therefore have to wait for some time for the settlement of the service costs.

Maximum reasonable rent
The maximum reasonable rent has been determined by the rental value of residential property by the Ministry of Home Affairs. The SSH has set a target rent for all the living accommodation. The target rent is a percentage of the maximum reasonable rent. This percentage is often 100%. If you move house within a complex or to another SSH address, you immediately pay the target rent for your new room or residence. It could be the case that you pay a higher rent than your neighbours or housemates who pay the ‘old’ rent price. The SSH will never ask for more than the maximum reasonable rent.

All-inclusive rent
Are you an international student or international guest staff and do you live in temporary furnished accommodation via your educational institution (the so called short stay)? Then you will pay an all-inclusive rent. This means that all the charges for electricity, water, heating, service, furniture, decoration, household insurance and taxes have been included in your rent. If you pay an all-inclusive rent, you will not receive a final invoice for the service costs. For more information about your rent price, go to My SSH.