Rent increase

The SSH increases the rent every year as of 1 July. The Ministry of Home Affairs determines guidelines for this purpose. You will be informed of the rent increase before 1 May.

Are you an international resident that lives in furnished 'reserved accommodation'? The rent increase does not apply to you if you live in Utrecht, Rotterdam, Zwolle or Tilburg. We will not increase the rent for the duration of your rental agreement. In Groningen there will be a rent increase as of 1 July due to an agreement with the housing corporations in Groningen. We will send you a notification beforehand.

Rent price on the basis of a points system
We determine the rent using a points system. Each year, the government determines what the maximum rent price is which you may ask for, on the basis of this points system. We will never ask for more than this maximum rent price, so not after a rent increase either. You will find more information about the points system at

Submitting an objection
Do you disagree with the rent increase? In that case, you can object by submitting an objection before 1 July to the rent assessment committee ( In the announcement that we will send you about the rent increase, you can read all about this procedure.

You can submit an objection if:

the rent increase is higher than the maximum permitted rent increase which has been determined by the government;
the new rent price appears to be above the maximum rent price according to the points system.

You can only submit an objection against the net or ‘basic' rent, not against the service costs. Defective maintenance, a low income or a conflict with your neighbours are not valid reasons either for submitting an objection.

Next step after submitting an objection
The rent assessment committee will investigate your arguments against the rent increase. You do not need to pay the amount of the rent increase until the time that the rent assessment committee makes a decision. If you are ruled against, you must pay the rent increase with retroactive effect. We therefore advise you to just continue to pay the rent increase in the meantime.

Do you disagree with the decision?
The decision by the rent assessment committee is binding. However, if one of the two parties does not agree with the decision, the sub-district court can be asked to determine the rent. Such a request must be made within two months of the decision by the rent assessment committee. There is no higher appeal possible against the decision of the sub-district court.

Rent harmonization
As well as the annual rent increase, we have agreed with BoKS, the umbrella organization for SSH tenants, that we will increase the rent when a room or a residence becomes available. We refer to this as ‘rent harmonisation’. It might therefore be the case that you pay a different rent amount than your housemate.

How is the rent increase determined?
Each year, the Ministry of Home Affairs determines the maximum percentage by which housing corporations may increase their rent prices. This is often linked to the percentage rate of inflation.