If you are doing a work placement, going travelling or studying elsewhere for a temporary period, you may sub-lease your room or residence for a maximum of one year. Sub-leasing your room or apartment is not possible if you are an international student or international staff and you live in furnished 'reserved accommodation'.

If you wish to sub-lease your room or residence temporarily because you are going to live together with someone, the maximum term is six months. It is never allowed to sub-lease your room through AirBnB. Always ask permission in advance from the SSH, because you are not permitted to sub-lease your room or residence without our permission. This is described in the rent regulations (My SSH). Are you an international student and have you reserved temporary furnished living accommodation via your educational institution? Then it will not be possible to sub-lease your room.

Subtenant and rent allowance
If you are going to sublease your room or accommodation, this might have consequences for your rent allowance. To maintain your rent allowance you have to indicate on the website of “Mijn toeslagen” that you have a subtenant. Read the instructions in the PDF Inform_Belastingdienst_about_your_subtenant.pdf

Seeking a subtenant
You yourself may nominate a candidate to whom you wish to sub-lease your room. This person does not need to be registered with us.

Applying for sub-leasing
You arrange the sub-leasing by completing the application form: Request form subletting.pdf. Add a proof of absence, such as a copy of a ticket or of a work placement agreement. If you do not have any proof, then add a statement in which you explain the reason for wanting to sub-lease your room. You may not have rent arrears if you wish to sub-lease.  

Send the fully completed application form along with the enclosure to us, ten days before the desired starting date at the latest. Do you live in a room? Then we will only agree if at least two-thirds of your housemates agree to this. You and your subtenant will receive a letter of confirmation if the application is agreed to. Do you live in a residence? Then we will send you and your subtenant a use agreement, in which we record the agreements for the period of sub-leasing. Return the signed use agreement to us. With the confirmation letter or the use agreement, the subtenant can register with the municipality and apply for a DUO grant for students who are living away from home.

Agreements with your subtenant
If you sub-lease your room or residence, you will remain the official tenant. You will therefore remain responsible for the rent payment and the state of the living accommodation. You make agreements directly with the subtenant, with regard to rent payment, and the use of the living accommodation possibly including furniture. In order to prevent any problems, below are a few tips:

  • record agreements in writing. You can use a model rent contract for this;
  • together, draw up an and You can use this to record in what condition the room is and what furniture there is. In this way, you avoid disputes at a later date;
  • pay your rent by direct debit.
  • the period of the sub-lease that you agree with is fixed. You can not cancel this period unilaterally. Also the subtenant can not terminate this period may unilaterally.

You also use this to make agreements with your subtenant: Example rental agreement subletting.pdf