Fitting laminate

If you are going to move into a regular unfurnished room or residence, in most cases you will have to arrange floor covering. For example a carpet, linoleum or laminate. If you choose to fit laminate, please take into account that certain conditions apply.

Conditions for fitting laminate

  • Place the hard flooring on a surface that is pliant, such as Thermopete
  • An open space of 1 cm should be left between the hard flooring and the walls. The laminate can expand
  • You are not permitted to drill or hammer nails into the cement floors
  • If there is a question of the flooring causing disturbance or annoyance, you will have to remove it
  • When your rental contract is terminated, you are required to remove the flooring before you move out; unless the new tenant wants to keep it
  • If any damage occurs while placing or removing the laminate flooring, you will be held responsible for any repair and/or restoration work that is required
This information does not apply to furnished and reserved accommodations. In these accommodations floor covering is always present.