Do it yourself

If your room/residence is not furnished and you are renting for an unlimited period, you are allowed to adjust your room according to your own insights. For example, you can install a built-in loft bed, lay a solid floor or change the lay-out. You must always first ask permission from the SSH for these types of accommodation adjustments.

Requesting permission
Let us know in writing if you wish to adjust your living accommodation. Sometimes, we will ask you to also send a detailed drawing, a description of the change and a list of materials. We will let you know within two weeks whether we agree to your request and which conditions apply. Some adjustments are checked by one of our managers.

An accommodation adjustment does not fall under the so-called occupants’ maintenance. This means that you yourself are responsible for the costs of maintenance and repairs.

Moving house
When you move house, depending on your rent conditions, there are three options which could apply to your accommodation adjustment, namely:

  1. Takeover by the new occupant: for example, you could agree with the new occupant that he/she buys your loft bed or laminate floor. We would advise you to record all the agreements made properly.
  2. Leaving behind without a takeover by the new occupant: this is only possible if this concerns an accommodation adjustment approved by the SSH which still meets the quality requirements of the SSH at the time of departure. Sometimes, you can receive a refund for your adjustment. To be able to determine this refund, we will ask you for the original invoices, so keep these in a safe place!
  3. Take with you: in that case, you must deliver the room/residence in the original state. Any costs will be for your own account.

If you rent a furnished room, you are not permitted to carry out DIY. You can hang up paintings or posters on the strips especially intended for this purpose. Always check the rent conditions before you set to work. You will find these on Mijn SSH.