The SSH likes occupants to be satisfied and therefore aims to give you the best service possible. If you are not satisfied with your residence, the rent price or how the SSH arranges matters, please let us know! We take every complaint seriously.

Complaints procedure
You can file a complaint if you are not satisfied with our service or accommodation. If something in your house needs to be repaired, we do not consider it to be a complaint but a request for repair.

If you want to submit a complaint, it is important to do this by e-mail ( or by letter (P.O. Box 85042, 3508 AA Utrecht). In this way, we can record your complaint properly and send it to the correct department. You will receive a reply by telephone or in writing within five working days.

If you disagree with how your complaint was dealt with
Do you disagree with the solution or the approach by the SSH with regard to your complaint? In that case, you can contact an independent organization. If you have a complaint about the rent price, we will refer you to the Rent Assessment Committee (Huurcommissie). This government website explains the rules for determining the rent price and the procedure with the Rent Assessment Committee.  In all other situations, ou can contact the SSH Disputes committee. In addition, if you have not received a response to your complaint from the SSH after a month, you can contact the Disputes committee. If your complaint is about a residence from a different housing corporation, you cannot submit the complaint to the SSH.

Disputes committee
The SSH Disputes committee consists of external experts and the committee works independently. There is no fee for the Disputes committee to deal with a complaint. The method of approach and the composition of the Disputes committee have been laid down in the Regulations of the Disputes committee (PDF iconReglement geschillencommissie SSH.pdf- in Dutch).

Method of work of the Disputes committee
Before the committee deals with your complaint, a number of conditions must be met, which are described in the Regulations of the Disputes committee. For example, the Disputes committee only deals with complaints which have been submitted in writing to the SSH and to which the SSH has responded. In addition, you must submit your complaint to the Disputes committee within two months after the written response from the SSH or within three months if the SSH has not responded. Is your complaint already being dealt with by another organization? In that case, the Disputes committee will not deal with the complaint for the time being.

Submitting a complaint
We advise you to submit your complaint by post or e-mail, for the attention of the Secretary of the SSH Disputes committee. Within one week after receipt of the complaint, you will receive a confirmation of receipt from the Disputes committee.

Contact with the SSH Disputes committee
Secretary of the SSH Disputes committee

P.O. Box 85042
(088) 730 42 00

Hearing of both parties
If the Disputes committee deals with your complaint, it will ask both you and the SSH for information. You will therefore be invited to a hearing with the Disputes committee. You will receive the invitation in plenty of time. At least two committee members will be present during this closed meeting. Of course, you are also allowed to take someone with you.

The decision
Within two weeks after the hearing, the committee will issue a non-binding advice. You will receive a copy of this advice by post. The management of the SSH can decide not to accept the advice. In that case, you must present compelling arguments within two weeks. The SSH will inform you by letter whether it accepts or does not accept the advice.