Check your accommodation

If you are moving to a different house, you must always leave your accommodation in a proper state. Make sure that it's empty and clean. If you do not, the SSH may charge you for cleaning costs.

Checklist unfunished accommodations

  • all damages, if any, must be repaired;
  • ceilings, walls, doors and interior frames must be in good condition. Hooks, screws, nails, plugs and stickers must be removed and holes filled;
  • electricity sockets, switches, intercoms and suchlike may not be painted;
  • the living area (and any storage area) must be empty and broom clean, so without curtains, curtain rails, carpets and furniture. Be careful when removing carpets that you also remove foam and glue remnants. An exception to this concerns the items which you can leave behind with our permission or which will be bought by the new tenant;
  • for furnished living accommodation, you must leave all the furniture which belongs with the residence. However, you must remove items that you have bought yourself.


Checklist furnished accommodations

  • wash and dry the flanel protection sheet and put it back on the bed;
  • empty and clean your room and take all garbage outside;
  • empty the cupboards in the kitchen, do not leave behind any food/cleaning products and/or crockery that is not from the SSH;
  • clean, together with your roommate(s) the kitchen, shower and toilet thoroughly. In case you and/or your roommate(s) cook with a lot of oil/cooking butter you have to clean the cooking hob and extraction hood extremely well;
  • unplug the freezer and fridge after you emptied and cleaned them;
  • if (one of) your roommate(s) is staying, you obviously don’t have to unplug the fridge & freezer, but you have to make sure to do one last good cleaning together;
  • if you have put some additional furniture in the apartment/room: take it out as well;
  • if you moved furniture around, place them back where they belong. If you unscrewed the bookcase or wardrobe: screw it back against the wall. Make sure not to damage the floor, walls or furniture;
  • for all the stuff you have to leave behind or don’t want to take home (this includes the bed package you might have bought from SSH): if you know someone you can give it to, please do. It can not be used for the next tenant if you leave it behind;
  • empty your mailbox;
  • don’t forget your bike in the storage.

Inspection or checklist
In some cases, an SSH member of staff will carry out a delivery inspection. For this purpose, you will be informed of the appointment in advance and how the inspection will take place. If the SSH does not plan to carry out a delivery inspection, you will receive a checklist. You can use this checklist to record the state of maintenance of the living accommodation.

Takeover by the new tenant
The new tenant can buy items from you, such as carpets, curtain rails and furniture. This new tenant is not obliged to buy these items from you. If a new tenant is not yet known, it will therefore not be possible for him/her to buy any items. You will then have to remove everything so that the room or residence is empty.