Campus Contract

A campus contract is a rent contract for living accommodation intended for students. This contract specifies that you can only live in that living accommodation if you are a student. In Groningen there are Ph.D. students who receive a Ph.D. contract. This contract is the same as a campus contract, with the difference that it is a contract specifically for Ph.D. students. Read more about the Ph.D. contract.

Where the campus contract applies
The campus contract applies in Utrecht, Rotterdam, Zwolle, Tilburg and Amersfoort. All unfurnished rooms of SSH in these cities are rented out with a campus contract. In the student complexes, the campus contract also applies for the independent residences. The campus contract does not apply to furnished living accommodation (reserved accommodation).

Proof that you are a student
If you are going to stay in unfurnished living accommodation from SSH, we will ask you to upload your proof of a study grant from DUO or a student ID card (only valid when it shows that you are enrolled in a fulltime programme) onto your personal page. We do this for the purpose of the proof of income, but this immediately proves that you are a student at the time when you move into the living accommodation.

SSH checks on an annual basis whether the occupants are still students. If you are no longer a student, you will have to find other living accommodation. You have to find it in a year's time.

Definition of 'student'
The definition of student is that you are enrolled in a full-time or part-time (at least 19 hours a week) educational programme at most intermediate educational vocations (MBO), universities of applied science (HBO) or universities in The Netherlands. Your education has to meet the conditions of the dutch law of higher education.

Campuscontract and Ph.D. students
When you are a Ph.D. student at a Dutch university (in Dutch: aio, oio or promovendus), SSH considers you to be a student. You can stay in your unfurnished accommodations while you are working on your doctoral degree. We check on an annual basis whether you are still a Ph.D. student based on a recent pay slip.

Ph.D. contract
A Ph.D. contract is a rental contract for rooms and homes intended for Ph.D. students. With this contract, you can stay in your accommodations while you are a Ph.D. student. Before entering into the contract, you must prove that you are promoting. The SSH checks whether residents are still promoting. If not, you should look for an other accommodation. For this you have a year's time. Read all terms and conditions in your rental contract.