Reporting a repair

Both the SSH and occupants are responsible for some repairs to and minor maintenance of the living areas and communal living areas. We also refer to that as ‘occupants’ maintenance’. In the Maintenance ABC: PDF iconMaintenance_abc.pdf, you can read which repairs are carried out by whom and have to be paid for. If you cause damage yourself, the guiding principle is that we hold you liable for this. Please note: The Maintenance ABC applies to Regular accommodations only, not to Short Stay accommodations.

Occupants’ maintenance
For some buildings/complexes, you pay a small amount per month for the occupants’ maintenance via the services costs. The costs for, for example, fixing a leaking tap, a broken electricity socket or a door which jams are for the account of the SSH. Not just the small defects in your room, but also the defects in the communal areas. However, this does not apply to damage caused, as a result of destruction or negligence by the occupants. It does not apply either to accommodation adjustments which you have made at your own initiative and after approval by the SSH.

Service subscription
If the occupants’ maintenance is not included in your service costs, it is often possible to take out a service subscription. This type of subscription covers you for unforeseen costs and that gives peace of mind. Do you share a residence or a floor with housemates? In that case, all the occupants must agree to a service subscription. Each new occupant automatically pays his/her share of the costs.

Reporting a repair
You can submit a repair request during office hours via the repair form or the Repairs Contact Point (088) 730 42 00. Within 1-5 working days, you will be contacted about your repair. For emergency repairs, you can contact the Contact Point 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Is there a problem with your internet signal? Please contact the internet helpdesk of SSHNet.

Lost keys
The Contact Point cannot help you if you have lost your keys. Visit Mijn SSH to find out what to do in this case.