Household Insurance

A Household insurance is included as standard in your service costs if you rent a room or an accommodation with one or two rooms. Your personal possessions in your own room are insured, as well as the items in the common room.

For just € 1,30 per month, your household items are insured against fire and water damage, burglary and theft. The insured amount, regardless of the composition of the household items, is € 10.000 per rental contract. In the case of theft of audio, video and computer equipment, you are insured up to a sum of € 3.000,-. The monthly premium forms part of the service costs. Do you not yet have a Household insurance via the SSH and would you like to have this insurance? Check on Mijn SSH - wooneenheid (My SSH - accommodation unit) to find out how you can apply for this. Once you have applied, the insurance will begin on the first day of the following month.

Per calamity, an excess of € 50,00 applies. If you live with more than three housemates and you report damage in a common room, the maximum joint excess is € 150,00 for all the insured parties.

For the extensive Household insurance for students, special conditions apply. A number of conditions are also excluded. These are mentioned in the ‘clause sheet’. We advise you to read through these documents carefully. PDF iconHousehold insurance terms and conditions and clause sheet.pdf

Additional insurance
The Household insurance that the SSH offers you does not cover damage to travel luggage, damage due to theft without a burglary or damage due to illegal use of the fire hoses. If you wish to be insured for such damage or you wish to be insured for a higher amount, you will need an additional insurance.

What to do in the case of damage
If you suffer damage and the Household insurance is included in your rent, report the damage within three days to the insurance company Raetsheren van Orden by calling 072-5414151. Have the insurance certificate with the policy number (990-246577) ready. The insurance company will discuss with you how the damage claim will proceed.