When you live close to each other, annoyances can occur. This cannot always be prevented, but it helps if you try to make agreements and show consideration for each other. Sometimes, a person may not be aware that he/she has an annoying habit. Does this housemate know that this habit annoys you? Have a calm chat with your housemate, which will often clear the air.

Sometimes it is not possible to reach agreement with each other, or someone may not adhere to the agreements. If occupants cannot find a solution together, the SSH can mediate in the conflict. In the case of mediation, we do expect you to actively cooperate in the solution to the problem.

If you and your housemates cause a nuisance to neighbours, we will rely on the objective observations by the police. If the police regularly observe nuisance in one of our student houses or residences, we will call our occupant(s) to account for this. Be aware that you are responsible for your guests. If you yourself do not cause nuisance, but your guest does, we will call you to account for this.

If the situation does not improve, we may then request the court to dissolve the rent contract with the tenant(s). In exceptional cases, for example during a party or house party where very serious nuisance occurs, the public prosecutor can end this party. In this case, it is very likely that we will immediately request the sub-district court to dissolve the rent contract with all the occupants of the unit, on the grounds of ‘improper tenancy practices’.