New housemate

The SSH allocates rooms that have become available in different ways. This will depend for instance on the city where you live. You may be renting a so-called ‘reserved accommodation’ and live in a unit with just international students. You can find out below which situation applies to you and how you can find a new housemate.

I am an international student
Do you live in a furnished room and are you an international student? It is very likely that you are renting a room that has been reserved especially for you by your educational institution in the Netherlands. We refer to these rooms and residences as ‘reserved accommodations’. When a room becomes available, the SSH places an advertisement on this website. Only the students who receive approval from the educational institution can reserve these rooms/residences for a specific period. The SSH or you will therefore not have an influence on who becomes your new housemate. For international students who are not renting reserved accommodation, the allocation procedures below apply.

Most of the units with reserved accommodations have their own Facebook page. Your new housemate can sign up for this. In this way, you can already get to know your new housemate before he/she arrives.

I live in an SSH room in Maastricht
When a room becomes available in your house, the SSH places an advertisement for the room on this website. You will find this advertisement if you click in the main menu on the tab ‘Rent offer’ [‘Huuraanbod’]. Everyone who is registered with the SSH can apply for the room. Once the application term has expired, the candidate who has been registered the longest with the SSH is allocated the room.

I live in an unfurnished (regular) SSH room in Utrecht, Amersfoort, Tilburg, Rotterdam or Zwolle
In these cities, the allocation of an unfurnished room takes place slightly differently. When a room becomes available in your house, the SSH places an advertisement for the room on this website. In this advertisement, you can present your house or floor and make your wishes known with regard to the new housemate. For example, are you looking for a girl or a boy, a smoker or non-smoker, a vegetarian or a flexitarian? You can also upload photos and film clips. The better you present yourself, the more chance you will having of finding the ideal housemate.

All the students who are registered with the SSH can reply to the advertisement. When the application period has expired, via the floor page you will receive a list with the details of the ten candidates who have been registered the longest. It is your responsibility to invite these candidates for an evening in order to become acquainted with each other. The candidate whom you consider the most suitable will become your new housemate.

Sometimes, someone cannot find a room while he/she has been actively taking part in such acquaintance evenings for more than three months. In that case, he/she can call on our help in finding a room, and the SSH has the right to place this student in a unit where a room becomes available.