Living Together

In some cases you can live together in your room or accommodation at the SSH. Tenants of the Reserved Accommodations can unfortunately not live together unless it is specifically stated in the room ad.
You can ask SSH for permission to live together in your room or accommodation. Living together with your partner or child is allowed if the accommodation is big enough. Living together with other is not allowed, unless this is a lasting relationship. Living together with your sister is not possible normally, but a volunteer aid however is allowed.

For regular accommodations this can be arranged in two ways:

1. Permission from the SSH for cohabitation
You can ask the SSH for permission to have someone live with you. This is possible if:
- you live in an accommodation or apartment with two or more rooms
- you live in a studio (one room apartment) where living area is minimal 30m2
- you live in a room with a living area of minimal 40m2 and you can prove that your roommates have no problem with you living together

With the permission you receive from the SSH, the person who will live with you can register at the municipality. The new resident does not get any rental rights and cannot claim the accommodation. This can only be changed by applying the co-tenant for joint tenancy. 

2. Becoming co-tenants
You can only become a co-tenant if you live in a residence with two or more rooms or an studio with a living area of  than 30 m2. A co-tenant has the same rights and obligations as the main tenant. A co-tenant is, just like the main tenant, liable for the commitments in the rental agreement and is just as much entitled to the accommodation as the main tenant. 

You automatically become co-tenants if:
- you are married or registered partners
- only in Utrecht: your partner is registered as your co-applicant on Woningnet for longer than a year

Does this not apply to you? Then you can apply for joint tenancy with the SSH if:
- the main tenant and the co-tenant are in a (partner) relationship
- the co-tenant has lived with the main tenant with permission from the SSH for longer than a year
- you must comply with current regulations regarding income
- you do not apply for joint tenancy to become main tenant of the accommodation in short term

Submit a written request or e-mail the SSH. Send along with this the most recent state of income or the most recent income tax notice of the tax administration.

Continuing the rental agreement as co-tenant
Something might happen that will cause the rental agreement with the main tenant to end. In that case the co-tenant can decide to continue the rental agreement. This is also the case when the main tenant dies.

It can also occur that the main tenant and co-tenant disagree on who is allowed the continue the rental agreement. For example in the case of a divorce. If you cannot decide on this together, one of the two has to submit a request at the subdistrictal court. The judge will then decide who will get to stay in the accommodation.