Living with several students in a unit is lots of fun above all. You can also make sure that you continue to have a fun and pleasant time if you make proper agreements about who does what and how the collective finances should be organized. Fortunately, printed lists of tasks and food calendars are a thing of the past. The websites below can be of help to you in organizing your housekeeping. is a useful website where you will find information about house lists, food lists, diaries, noticeboards, task rosters, invoices, house details, housemate details, shopping lists and recipes. is a website which you can use for organizing the administration in your house. You can manage a joint household account along with your housemates. All the housemates can enter and declare costs themselves. This not only saves a great deal of time, but you also take joint responsibility for your costs. Everyone can see what the costs of the household account are for. In this way, there will be no more disagreements about the finances in your house. This services is now also available as an App.