House party

A house party is a good thing to have occasionally! We advise you to make proper arrangements with regard to the party. Monitor carefully how the evening is going and keep a check on the door. Call your housemates or visitors to account if they are causing a nuisance. Below are a few tips so that you can prevent a party that should have been fantastic from getting out of hand.

Keep your party private
We strongly advise you not to give out free tickets for a house party or to promote your party with flyers or via Facebook. This might attract guests with less ‘party-like’ motives. You should therefore keep your party private and perhaps ask your guests for a contribution. In this way, you will know in advance who will be coming, and you will keep away thieves or people who are intent on causing extreme nuisance (throwing, shouting and destroying things).

Fire safety
Do you plan to hold a party for more than 50 guests? Then report this to the police and the fire brigade, at least six weeks before the party. Note: this is not a voluntary matter. If you do not report this or you do not take sufficient fire safety precautions, the fire brigade or police can stop the party!

Inform the neighbours
Show consideration for your neighbours and inform them on time. Because you have informed them does not mean that you can then let everyone do what they like during the house party. If neighbours call the police and report nuisance or noise nuisance, the police will check this and possibly give a warning. You therefore run the risk of the sound equipment being confiscated. If the nuisance complaints continue, the police will stop the house party.

Consequences of nuisance
Imagine that things get out of hand during the house party. People throw things out the window and cause a nuisance. End the party in consultation with your housemates. If you cannot manage this, then call the police and explain the situation, and possibly ask the police to end the party. If you do not take any action, we will hold all the occupants of the unit responsible for this. You should be aware that this could have serious consequences, not just for the person who happened to walk under your window, but also for you and your housemates. We will not only hold all of you liable for any damage and related costs, but we will also consider terminating your rent contracts. We deploy this strict policy in the interests of the safety of all our tenants and their visitors.

We wish you a successful house party!