Rent reduction for young tenants under the age of 23

If you are under the age of 23, and paying eligible rent* of more than € 417,34 (price in 2018) for an independent SSH property, you may qualify for a temporary rent reduction. This rent reduction will then allow you to apply for rent allowance.

Conditions for eligibility
This arrangement only applies to:

  • Tenants under the age of 23;
  • Who rent an independent (self contained) property;
  • Who rent a house or room owned by the SSH (the SSH also rents out and manages various complexes for third parties);
  • Who pay eligible rent* higher than the quality cut-off limit** of € 417,34 (price in 2018);
  • Who have a standard rental contract. (Unfortunately, this is not possible with short stay contracts)

* Eligible rent is net rent plus claimable service charges. SSH’s claimable service charges are, if applicable, 'electricity in common areas', 'caretaker' and 'cleaning in common areas'.

** The quality cut-off limit (kwaliteitskortingsgrens) is the maximum amount of eligible rent that allows tenants under the age of 23 to apply for rent allowance. If the eligible rent exceeds this limit, young tenants cannot apply for rent allowance.

If you meet all these conditions, please contact us.

Rent reduction
If you meet the conditions, and have contacted us, your rent will be reduced from the first day of the following month, which will reduce your eligible rent to below the quality cut-off limit. With this eligible rent, you can apply for rent allowance.

The rent reduction expires on the first day of the month after your 23rd birthday. In the meantime, the rent reduction can be adjusted, depending on annual rent increases. The SSH will let you know about this.

Housing benefit
The rent reduction will allow you to apply for rent allowance, although you do have to meet other conditions. Perform a test calculation here.

Request rent allowance via this link.

The quality cut-off limit is higher for those aged 23 or more, but you will be able to continue receiving rent allowance after reaching this age if you meet the other conditions. When the time arrives, remember to inform the Tax Administration about the changes to your rent.