Naturally, SSH wants to find places to stay for as many students as possible. Anyone registered with us is eligible to attend a ‘hospiteren’ evening or a property-viewing based on how long they have been registered with us. But we also have a social objective to fulfil so we make 5% of our accommodation available to special target groups. That’s why we sometimes bend our rules a little to give priority to particular people, for example:

  • Tenants who have to leave their current property because it’s being demolished;
  • Young people with a disability, specific type of background or special housing needs;
  • Asylum seekers.

Sometimes it’s just not possible to get to a room through the ‘hospiteren’ route. So SSH offers a room guarantee to students under the age of 27. If you’ve been to at least 20 ‘hospiteren’ evenings in the last three months but failed to find a room, then you can ask us to assign you one directly. Depending on availability, we’ll make you a one-off, take it or leave it offer on a room without the need for ‘hospiteren’. Note that we will double-check that you have indeed attended the required number of ‘hospiteren’ evenings.