Since we currently operate with a minimum amount of staff at our offices, we ask you to direct any questions to us via WhatsApp (+31 88 730 4200) or e-mail ( We can only be reached by phone to report an urgent repair. Should you want to report such an urgent repair, you can do so by calling our general phone-number (+31 88 730 4200) and follow the appropriate options mentioned in the menu (first conveyed in Dutch, then in English). For all other questions or problems we urgently request you to reach out to us via WhatsApp or e-mail.

Naturally, SSH wants to find places to stay for as many students as possible. Anyone registered with us is eligible to attend a ‘hospiteren’ evening or a property-viewing based on how long they have been registered with us. But we also have a social objective to fulfil so we make 5% of our accommodation available to special target groups. That’s why we sometimes bend our rules a little to give priority to particular people, for example:

  • Tenants who have to leave their current property because it’s being demolished;
  • Young people with a disability, specific type of background or special housing needs;
  • Asylum seekers.

Sometimes it’s just not possible to get to a room through the ‘hospiteren’ route. So SSH offers a room guarantee to students under the age of 27. If you’ve been to at least 20 ‘hospiteren’ evenings in the last three months but failed to find a room, then you can ask us to assign you one directly. Depending on availability, we’ll make you a one-off, take it or leave it offer on a room without the need for ‘hospiteren’. Note that we will double-check that you have indeed attended the required number of ‘hospiteren’ evenings.