When will I receive an invitaton?

We assign our accommodations based on SSH-registration number. This means that when someone who registered with SSH on 1 January 2014 applies for an accommodation, his chances of getting the accommodation are higher than of someone who registered with SSH at 1 July 2014 and applies for the same accommodation. When the ad of the studio closes, we collect the candidates and look at their registration date with SSH. We send an invitation to have a look at the accommodation to:

  •  the candidates with the 'oldest' registration dates (this applies to almost all rooms)
  • the candidate with the 'oldest' registration date (this applies to the residences and some rooms).

Haven't received an invitation? Unfortunately, this means that your waiting time has not been long enough. Other with an older registration time have received an invitation.

Exceptionally, there are instances where we deviate from these principles. You can read more here.