Housing Options
Whether you are an international student, staff member, or guest researcher, the SSH has different types of accommodation on offer. On your city page, you can see what types of accommodation are offered per city. Here we will explain the different housing options.

Short Stay
Several (educational) institutions have Short Stay listed. The number of accommodation that the institutions have reserved with the SSH is limited, and is offered on a first come, first served basis.

  • The accommodation is available from the start of your study period in the Netherlands.
  • The accommodation is fitted and furnished.
  • You will sign a rental agreement for a fixed rental period, usually the duration of your study programme (with a maximum of twelve months). For international staff and guests more flexible rental agreements are possible with a minimum of one month and a maximum of twelve months.

More information about finding Short Stay

Regular Accommodation
The SSH offers accommodation that is not reserved for students of an (educational) institution; regular accommodation.

  • The accommodation is offered to the person with the ‘oldest’ registration number. Some of the accommodation is available immediately, for other you need to be registered for a longer period (between 4-18 months). In case of a room: you are usually invited to a Present Yourself Night. You visit the floor or house in which a room will be vacated, in order to both view the room and meet your prospective co-tenants.
  • The accommodation is usually not furnished.
  • The type of rental agreement depends on the accommodation, check the rental offers for more information.

More information about finding regular accommodation