You can register with SSH for regular accommodations when your age is between 16 and 27. The registration fee is € 12,50. You will receive your log in data by e-mail. These will give you access to your own personal page (My SSH). Before you register, we advise you to read which conditions apply to our regular accommodations. Register with SSH right away

Conditions regular SSH accommodations

  • a large amount of our accommodations is meant for students. In the advertisements is stated whether a campus contract applies.
  • we assign our accommodations based on SSH-registration number. This means that when someone who registered with the SSH on 1 January 2014 applies for an accommodation, his chances of getting the accommodation are higher than of someone who registered with the SSH at 1 July 2014 and applies for the same accommodation.
  • if you respond to an advertisement of a room and you are a top 10 candidate based on your registration date: you will be invited for a vote in meeting (in Dutch: hospiteren) with the residents of that student house; you will have to be there in person. They have the right to pick their new house mate out of the ten candidates.
  • if you are looking for a regular unfurnished room in Utrecht, please take into account that it may take a few months before you find housing. A lot of students are looking for housing in Utrecht, especially during the start of a new semester!
  • Your yearly income is € 36.798 or lower. More information about the income check

To apply for a regular apartment in Utrecht
Are you interested in renting a regular apartment in Utrecht? Then you also need a WoningNet Regio Utrecht registration. Additionally, in most cases it is only possible to apply for them if you currently live in a regular unfurnished SSH room (temporary rooms are excluded). This does not apply to the regular unfurnished residences in Utrecht Science Park (De Uithof) or residences in Tilburg, Rotterdam and Zwolle.

The candidate with the 'oldest' registration number with SSH will receive an invitation to view the apartment. Your registration date with WoningNet is not important. If you register with SSH, it is possible to choose for a combi registration (in Dutch: combi-inschrijving) with WoningNet. You pay a sole registration fee of € 22,50. WoningNet asks for a yearly fee of € 9,- to prolong your registration. WoningNet will send you your registration details seperately.

Your registration with SSH will be active until your 30th birthday. If you turn 30 and you're not renting accommodation with SSH at that moment, your registration will be terminated. If you decide not to rent any of our accommodations, it is not possible to reclaim the registration fee.