Since we currently operate with a minimum amount of staff at our offices, we ask you to direct any questions to us via WhatsApp (+31 88 730 4200) or e-mail ( We can only be reached by phone to report an urgent repair. Should you want to report such an urgent repair, you can do so by calling our general phone-number (+31 88 730 4200) and follow the appropriate options mentioned in the menu (first conveyed in Dutch, then in English). For all other questions or problems we urgently request you to reach out to us via WhatsApp or e-mail.

'Hospiteren' and viewings

What’s ‘hospiteren’?
Presenting yourself (also known as co-opting or approval – in Dutch: hospiteren) means that occupants are allowed to choose their new housemate. When a room becomes available, the SSH publishes this under ‘Rent offer’. We then sort the replies based on the length of registration. We send an e-mail to the candidates with the ‘oldest’ registration numbers so that they can present themselves. These candidates make an appointment with the occupants to view the room and to get to know each other. We call this a ‘hospiteeravond’, Present Yourself Night. The occupants choose a suitable housemate from all the candidates. Hospiteren can also take place online. Then you become acquainted by, for example, Skype, FaceTime or WhatsApp video calls. This can be arranged between the residents and the applicant.

How can I prepare myself to a ‘hospiteeravond’?
Hospiteren is probably best described as a form of speed dating. During this meeting, they will usually ask you to introduce yourself. Think about your answers in advance! Have a look at this video too:

I have already presented myself a number of times, but have not been chosen. What can I do?
Sometimes it is not possible to get a room by means of presenting yourself (hospiteren). The SSH offers a room guarantee for students under the age of 27. If you do not manage to find a room after attending 20 hospiteren evenings, you can ask us to assign you a room. We will assign you a room without "hospiteren". However, we will always check if you have presented yourself actively.  

How can I sign out for a ‘hospiteeravond’?
Please check your reactions in My SSH. By opening an advertisement you will find the contact details of the house. Thanks for letting them know!

What’s a viewing?
Did you receive an invitation for a viewing? In that case, you can take a look in the apartment or room. It is up to you to decide whether you would like to live there. We usually invite several candidates for a viewing. The room will be assigned to the candidate with the 'oldest' registration number. If he or she declines the offer, we move to number 2 on the list, and so on.