Since we currently operate with a minimum amount of staff at our offices, we ask you to direct any questions to us via WhatsApp (+31 88 730 4200) or e-mail ( We can only be reached by phone to report an urgent repair. Should you want to report such an urgent repair, you can do so by calling our general phone-number (+31 88 730 4200) and follow the appropriate options mentioned in the menu (first conveyed in Dutch, then in English). For all other questions or problems we urgently request you to reach out to us via WhatsApp or e-mail.

Things to arrange

How do I need to hand over the room or residence?
You must hand over the residence empty, in a proper state and broom clean to the new occupant. For some residences, the SSH carries out a check. This is mentioned in the confirmation of your rent termination. We will plan an appointment with you for this purpose.

Where do I need to hand over the keys?
If you are moving, you must hand in the house keys. The way that you hand in the keys will depend on where you live. Some occupants hand over the keys directly to the new tenant. Other occupants hand in the key to the SSH. We will inform you regarding how you should hand in the keys if you are leaving.

Is it possible to sell belongings to the new resident?
Yes, it is possible to sell things like furniture, floor covering and curtain rails to the new tenant. He or she does not have to accept your request. If there is no new tenant yet, you should remove everything to empty your room.

How can I get a ‘statement good tenancy’?
If you are moving, your new house owner could ask for a ‘statement good tenancy’ (in Dutch: verklaring goed huurderschap). You can ask us by sending an email to Please note your name and address. We will check rent arrears and if everything is all right, you will get the statement as soon as possible.

Do I need to inform the municipality?
Yes! You must inform the municipality of your change of address within five days, so that your details in the Key Register of Persons (in Dutch: Basisregistratie personen or BRP) are correct. Important government organizations such as the Tax Authorities and Education Executive Agency (DUO) use the BRP. Are you moving house within the same city? Then inform the municipality of your new address. Are you moving to a different city? Then register with the new municipality. You do not need to deregister from your old municipality as this will happen automatically.

Do I need to inform the Tax Authorities?
Your move will influence your rent allowance. Your rent allowance has perhaps changed, or after your move you may not be entitled to a rent allowance any longer. Inform the Tax Authorities of this on time, in order to avoid an additional tax assessment. For more information, visit

Do I need to inform energy companies?
Do you pay for gas, water and electricity yourself, directly to the companies in question? Do not forget to change these agreements to your new address or to cancel them.

What do I need to arrange for mail?
It is very annoying if your important mail is still sent to your old address. You can use a mail redirection service to have your mail forwarded to your new address.