Terminate the rent

What is my period of notice?
Your period of notice is a minimum of one month. You can terminate the rental contract on any day of the week, so you are not tied to the beginning or end of the month.

How can I terminate my rental?
You can terminate your rental via My SSH. It is also possible to send us an e-mail. You will receive a confirmation of the termination by e-mail. We will also send you a checklist form which you can use to check whether you have left your room in a proper state. You can also use this form to tell us about any repairs. E-mail the form back to us, even if you do not need to inform us of any repairs. If you wish, you can make an appointment with our manager to check your room.

Is it possibile to leave the room earlier?
Do you wish to leave the room early and hand over the room to the new occupant? We would advise you to make clear agreements with the new occupant, because the final date of your rent contract with the SSH will not change as a result of this. You will remain responsible for the room and the rent payment up to the last rent day.

Is it possible to choose a new roommate myself?
When a room become available, the SSH publishes this under ‘Rent offer’. We assign our accommodations based on SSH-registration number – the most honest way! The persons with the longest registration period are invited to view the room. During a ‘Present Yourself Night’ (in Dutch: hospiteeravond) the current residents meet the candidates. From all this candidates, the current residents choose their new flatmate. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to nominate a friend.

When can I expect my final invoice?
Within four weeks after terminating the rent, you will receive a final invoice. This invoice will mention whether you have to pay money (for example, for rent or any damages) or whether you will receive a refund. This is always at the end of the calendar year in question. If you pay variable service costs, you will therefore receive the final invoice for this at a later date. If you pay the rent by direct debit, this will stop automatically when you terminate the rent.