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Searching for a new roommate

How does it work when a room becomes available in our house?
When a roommate terminates the contract, the entire house receives the request to indicate within three days whether there will be an internal move. If you want to move to another room within your home, this is your chance! In My SSH you can declare who will be living where and which room we can publish in our rental offers. Also, take a look at your floor page; is all info still up-to-date? In addition, make a preference list for your new housemate. Are you looking for a girl or a boy, a smoker or a non-smoker, a vegetarian or a flexitarian? You can also upload photos and videos here. The better you present yourselves, the greater the chance that you will find the ideal roommate!

If everything has been done correctly, the ad will be open to reactions in the following days. The fifteen candidates with the 'oldest' registration number will let us know whether they can come to your ‘Present Yourself Night’ (hospiteeravond) or not. Afterward, you can contact your new roommate yourself. Hopefully, there is a nice new roommate!

Is it possible to get additional candidates on the list?
If it turns out that many candidates do not respond to your invitation, in some cases - and only in consultation with us – it’s possible to add extra candidates to the list. In that case, please contact us so that we can discuss this. Even if a few people have come to the hospitality evening, you can contact us to discuss this. You can find our contact details at