Since we currently operate with a minimum amount of staff at our offices, we ask you to direct any questions to us via WhatsApp (+31 88 730 4200) or e-mail ( We can only be reached by phone to report an urgent repair. Should you want to report such an urgent repair, you can do so by calling our general phone-number (+31 88 730 4200) and follow the appropriate options mentioned in the menu (first conveyed in Dutch, then in English). For all other questions or problems we urgently request you to reach out to us via WhatsApp or e-mail.


Do you take care of major maintenance for my room/building?
The SSH takes care of the so-called ‘major maintenance’ for its buildings and complexes. We also refer to major maintenance as renovations and this means that, for example, we have the heating boilers or intercom installations replaced throughout the whole building or have outdoor painting work carried out. Once every few years, major maintenance is also carried out on the kitchens, gutters and roofs. Of course we will inform you well in advance when work on your residence/complex is planned. You can also view the maintenance planning on My SSH for your residence/complex.

As well as major maintenance, the heating boilers, fans, fire extinguishers, fire hose reels, smoke alarms, emergency lighting, geysers, and waste water pumps are cleaned and, a technical check is carried out. These checks are carried out by reputable companies that specialize in this work. It is not known in advance when these checks will take place at your location. When the employees from the maintenance company ring the doorbell, you can always ask for proof of identity. If you have doubts, do not hesitate to contact the SSH by calling (088) 730 42 00.

Can I suggest you to improve my building?
Yes, you can! We'd love to hear your ideas. Together with BoKS we started a fund for this. Anually there's €30.000 to spend, with a maximum of € 5.000 per idea. Deadlines: 1st of January and 1st of June. Would you like to have more information? Please send an e-mail to

Can asbestos occur in my residence?
Since 1983, the dangerous loosely bound asbestos has no longer been used. The use of strongly bound asbestos also decreased considerably from that time. Since the use of asbestos in building work was only banned in 1993, asbestos can occur in all SSH residences which were built before 1994. Please check out for more information about asbestos. Do you wish to know whether asbestos is present in your residence? Please contact us!