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Rent allowance and rent reduction

Am I eligible for a rent allowance?
If your rent is too high in relation to your income, you may be eligible to apply for a rent allowance. You will then receive a contribution towards your accommodation expenses from the Tax Authorities. The advertisements of the accommodations always mention whether you will be eligible for a rent allowance if you rent the room.

Occupants of residences and some rooms can apply for a rent allowance if the net rent plus some of the service costs lies within the limits set by the government. In 2019, you can apply for a rent allowance if your net rent plus some of the service costs is not lower than € 228,62 and not higher than € 432,51. If you are 23 years or older, an upper limit of € 737,14 applies. You have to have a Dutch 'Burgerservicenummer' to apply for rent allowance.

Occupants of rooms can only apply for a rent allowance if they live in an ‘allocated accommodation building’ and the net rent (‘basic’ rent plus some service costs) lies between € 228,62 and € 432,51 (situation for 2020). If you are 23 years or older, a rent limit of € 737,14 applies.

At, you can make a test calculation of the amount of your rent allowance. Here, you can also download the application program. For more information, you can also call the Tax Helpdesk on 0800 - 0543. Do you doubt whether you can apply for a rent allowance? We can help you with this, so do not hesitate to contact us!

What kind of claimable service charges are there?
By calculating the rent allowance, the Tax Authorities will use ‘eligible rent’. Eligible rent is net rent plus claimable service charges. SSH’s claimable service charges are, if applicable, 'electricity in common areas', 'caretaker' and 'cleaning in common areas'. You will find more information at

Am I eligible for a rent reduction?
Are under the age of 23, do you rent an independent (self contained) property, owned by the SSH (instead of third parties), do you pay an eligible rent (net rent plus claimable service charges) with an amount more than € 432,51 (price in 2020), and do you have a standard contract (instead of Short Stay contract)? If you meet all these conditions, please contact us.

The rent reduction expires on the first day of the month after your 23rd birthday. In the meantime, the rent reduction can be adjusted, depending on annual rent increases. The SSH will inform you about this.