Since we currently operate with a minimum amount of staff at our offices, we ask you to direct any questions to us via WhatsApp (+31 88 730 4200) or e-mail ( We can only be reached by phone to report an urgent repair. Should you want to report such an urgent repair, you can do so by calling our general phone-number (+31 88 730 4200) and follow the appropriate options mentioned in the menu (first conveyed in Dutch, then in English). For all other questions or problems we urgently request you to reach out to us via WhatsApp or e-mail.

Accepting my contract

Do you charge an administration fee or contract fee?
No, we don't charge an administration fee or contract fee. 

How do I need to proof that I’m a student?
If you want to rent an SSH accommodation, your income must not exceed € 39.055,- (2020). This means that we have to check whether your income isn't too high at the time that you move into your accommodation. When you are allocated a room or residence, you are therefore obliged to prove how much your income is. That’s why you need to upload one of the following documents:
- the most recent overview from the Education Executive Agency (DUO) onto your personal page; or
- student card which states that you are a full-time student this year; or
- registration at your educational institution; or
- your letter of (conditional) admission. If you do not have a proof of enrollment yet, you may upload the letter of admission instead.
Please note that when you sign your rental agreement the you do need the proof of enrollment. Before signing your contract you need to submit a copy of your student card or proof of enrollment.

How do I get the most recent overview from DUO?
If you receive a Dutch student grant, your income will be under the threshold of €38.035,- (2019). In this case, you can upload the most recent overview from the Education Executive Agency (DUO) onto your personal page. You will find this letter on the DUO website under the ‘Post' menu. If you do not have received the messages from DUO by e-mail, you first should indicate that you wish to receive your correspondence by e-mail. You will then be able to find the letters from DUO in the archives. The letter must clearly show how much student grant you receive per month in 2019. Download this letter and upload it onto your personal page of the SSH or e-mail it to us at: Are you unable to download the letter? Then call DUO and ask them to post this letter to you: (050) 599 77 55.

How do I get a proof of enrollment of my educational institution?
You can request a valid proof of enrollment at the student desk of your educational institution. Most students receive this proof at the start of their new study.

Which documents do I need to upload as a PhD student?
Are you doing a PhD? Then upload your PhD-contract in My SSH. Do you want to apply for an accommodation where the campus contract applies? Then also upload a scan of your student card or PhD-contract.

What is a rental agreement?
When you accept your rental contract, you are also stating that you agree to the rental agreement, because the rental agreement forms part of your rental contract. This agreement describes which agreements both the SSH and you must adhere to. You will find a copy of the rental agreement in My SSH.

What is an income statement?
The Dutch Tax Administration (Belastingdienst) provides income statements (in Dutch: inkomensverklaring). This form states your income as known by the Dutch Tax office. It some instances in occurs that the Dutch tax office does not know your income: in that case the form will state your income as unknown. In both cases we kindly ask you to request the form, and upload it as your income document. You can ask for this form by the Dutch Belastingdienst after your registration in the Netherlands. Call 0800-0543 to request the form. Have your BSN (citizen service number) close at hand! If you do not have any income or you do not receive a student grant, we will check your income based on an income statement too. If you wish to apply for an accommodation to which the campus contract applies, we will ask you for an income statement from the Dutch Tax Administration as well as a scanned copy of your student card or PhD contract.