If you wish to continue to live in the Netherlands, you can register with the SSH for regular accommodation in Utrecht, Rotterdam, Zwolle and Tilburg. The minimum age for registering with the SSH is 16, and the maximum age is 27 (or 30 if you’re doing a Phd). This video will learn you more about how it works to apply for Regular housing!

The SSH allocates Regular Accommodation on the basis of the registration date with the SSH. The longer you are registered, the greater the chance that you will be allocated the accommodation. If you live in Short Stay accommodation, your first day of renting applies as your registration date. As soon as you have registered for the Regular Accommodation, send an e-mail to utrecht@sshxl.nl with your registration details. We will then adapt your registration date for you. As soon as you are registered, you can reply to the Rent offer. The offer depends on the number of occupants who cancel their rent. Take into account that several students often reply to the offer and that you may have to present yourself to the other occupants. You cannot reserve this accommodation in advance. Here you can read how it works.