Our general email address is info@sshxl.nl. Do you have a specific question about the city where you’re living or going to live? Just contact our local office!

Groningen: groningen@sshxl.nl
Maastricht: maastricht@sshxl.nl
Rotterdam: rotterdam@sshxl.nl
Tilburg: tilburg@sshxl.nl
Zwolle: zwolle@sshxl.nl
Utrecht: shortstayutrecht@sshxl.nl

Business email
Do you have a question about our organization? Our business email address is zakelijk@sshxl.nl.


SSH likes occupants to be satisfied! If you are not satisfied with your residence, the rent price or how SSH arranges matters, please let us know - we take every complaint seriously. If you want to submit a complaint, it is important to do this by e-mail (klachten@sshxl.nl) or by letter (P.O. Box 85042, 3508 AA Utrecht). In this way, we can record your complaint properly and send it to the correct department. You will receive a reply by telephone or in writing within five working days. Here you can find more information about complaints.

Please note: is something broken? That’s not a complaint, but a repair request. Please use our form for a repair request. Emergency? Call our 24/7 phone number 0031887304200 and/or 112.