The SSH has the mission of realizing and maintaining good and affordable accommodation for students and special groups of young people. In order to achieve this, we work together a great deal with other organizations.

Residents’ organizations

Via the residents’ committee and the residents’ umbrella organization, residents have a say in the SSH policy. We consult regularly with the residents’ representatives from our complexes. They play an important role in managing our accommodation and in setting up the service cost package.

The residents’ committees are united in BewonersoverlegKoepel SSH (BoKS), the umbrella organization for all SSH tenants. This organization represents their interests on all subjects which concern more than one student complex. Read more on the website of BoKS.

Short Stay tenants are represented by the International Students Housing Assistance (ISHA). ISHA is a joint committee by three Utrecht students associations: European Students Network (ESN), VIDIUS and BoKS. Read more on the website of ISHA.

Municipalities and educational institutions

The SSH maintains close contact with the municipalities and educational institutions (universities, universities of applied sciences and ROC regional training centres) in the cities where we are active. Together with them, we carefully attune the offer of SSH accommodation. The educational institutions are also important buyers of our accommodation services.

Fellow corporations and real estate investors

The SSH works together intensively with fellow corporations and real estate investors in order to be able to provide a good offer of student accommodations. We also work together with other corporations with regard to exchanging knowledge, innovation and interest representation. An important collaboration partner is Kences, the knowledge centre of the Dutch student housing providers.

Tailor-made accommodation

The SSH works on Tailor-made Accommodation together with care institutions, work placement companies, fellow corporations and educational institutions. These are small-scale projects for young people with a disability, a specific background or special accommodation needs. An important form of collaboration is Talent for - Talent voor...


Utrecht has a shortage of starter homes. For the transfer of students, it is vital that the offer of starter homes increases. After all, graduates cannot continue to live in a student room. The SSH has therefore set up Jebber: a subsidiary company that focuses solely on accommodation for this target group.

The Pilot Student-Refugee Community

Together, everyone makes a city what it is – whether it’s a refugee trying to find their way around a new place or a student keen to become part of their neighborhood. Now, SSH and Academie van de Stad are bringing both these groups together by creating a 'student-refugee community'. Read more about the project and how it works.

The Utrecht Region

SSH is partner of ITCU, the "International Talent Community Utrecht". Attracting and retaining talent is a key condition for the economic and innovative power of the Utrecht Region and its companies and knowledge institutions. The Economic Board Utrecht (EBU) and its partners, forming the International Talent Community Utrecht Region (ITCU), developed a package of integrated, multilingual services to help extend an actual and virtual ‘warm welcome’ to all newcomers and their spouses, international businesses and knowledge institutions. Together they organise activities to help them settle in and feel at home.

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