SSH rents out 900 rooms and residences in this student city

Do you wish to enjoy your time as a student to the fullest? Then you really must live in the city where you are studying. So you will have to find an accommodation away from home! In Zwolle, the SSH rents out more than 900 student rooms and residences, spread throughout the entire city. The SSH offers something for everyone: residences in the brand new Talentenplein, as well as rooms in beautiful historic buildings such as in the Buitenkant. Take a look at what the SSH is renting in Zwolle.

Short Stay

International student or staff
Are you an international student or international staff and looking for Short Stay?
Windesheim has reserved rooms and apartments for their students and staff with SSH. All accommodations are fully furnished and are located in the vicinity of either the city centre or the educational institutions. Click on the name of your educational institution to see if you are eligible for this reserved housing.

Living as a student in Zwolle

This stunning Hanseatic city lies on the IJssel and the Zwartewater rivers. The medieval city centre is demarcated by the City canal and with its monumental buildings, Zwolle is a protected townscape. Zwolle has a beautiful compact city centre, and as a student, you have everything within easy reach: lovely little shops, outdoor cafes, pubs and Hedon pop platform. There are also plenty of places to go for a nice meal. Of course, ‘Librije’ is Zwolle’s most well-known restaurant, but fortunately there are also plenty of cafes for students with less money to spend!


Zwolle is a real student city with a very large offer in higher professional education courses and senior secondary vocational education courses, at for example Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, Deltion College and ROC Landstede regional training centre.

Windesheim University of Applied Sciences
Windesheim is an educational institution for higher professional education in Zwolle where you can choose from as many as 63 different courses in all kinds of fields of interest: from Sport and Exercise to Technology, Education, Theology & Philosophy of Life. Windesheim is the largest provider of higher education in Noordwest-Overijssel.

Deltion College
Deltion provides courses to 13,000 young people and adults at senior secondary vocational level in the fields of Health & Welfare, Recreation, Economics & Commerce, Sports & Safety, Building & Living, Process Engineering & ICT, Creativity, Transport & Logistics.

ROC Landstede
ROC Landstede provides senior secondary vocational education courses in the sectors of Economics, Welfare and Healthcare, has 850 students and more than 60 lecturers.

Student life

Studying in Zwolle is a guarantee of a fun student life. Zwolle is a lovely bustling student city with many appealing events, such as the largest Liberation festival in the Netherlands, the RTL Celebrates the Summer concert, the City festival, Dance tour and lots more. In addition, the city is brimming with atmospheric cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy a meal. In the summer, the outdoor cafes are open again and it is lovely to enjoy the sun for a while after lectures. ‘Het Vliegende Paard’ is the student cafe where many student associations meet.


If you are going to study in Zwolle, you certainly must not miss the Freshers’ week, called Bruisweek. A unique chance to make new friends and get to know your new city! The Bruisweek always takes place in August, just before the start of the new academic year. There are sports activities where you can show your skills and which you can contribute to, an ideal way of really getting to know other people. But that is not everything! You will take part in workshops and a pub crawl, and enjoy dining together. In the evening, there will be time for a drink, and you can let your hair down during one of the many festivals. The Bruisweek is a must-have for all people who are going to study in Zwolle!