Temporary Rooms

SSH rents out unfurnished rooms in buildings that will be renovated or demolished. A list of end dates.

Unfortunately, you cannot register for temporary housing at the moment due to the very high demand for our temporary rooms and the shortage of availability.

As Kanaleneiland

During the coming years, there will be a great many changes in Kanaleneiland. Large projects are already in development or are about to be started. Kanaleneiland is a home base filled with a diversity of art and culture.


The SSH rents out a number of residences for the municipality of Utrecht. These are often special residences in unusual locations, for example a farm or a houseboat. These residences will be demolished, renovated or sold in the long term.


Right in the heart of the Utrecht ‘Coffee junction’ between the Douwe Egberts coffee factory and the Vleutenseweg, there is a complex of residences that the SSH will rent out during the coming years for Mitros. These residences will be demolished around 2020.


The SSH rents out a number of temporary residences in Ondiep for fellow corporation Mitros. The temporary living accommodation mainly consists of rooms in multi-storey buildings and flats which will be demolished or renovated.


In Overvecht, the SSH rents out unfurnished temporary rooms in various residences in the Camera Obscuradreef, Van Brammendreef, Vader Rijndreef, Ebrodreef and Taagdreef. These streets are a stone’s throw from the Overvecht shopping centre, and the Overvecht train station is just round the corner.


Het pand aan de Ravellaan is een voormalig kantoorgebouw dat eerder is gebruikt door het COA voor de huisvesting van statushouders. Nu verhuurt de SSH dit tijdelijke pand als studentencomplex.


The SSH rents out a number of temporary rooms in Tuinwijk which are owned by fellow corporation Mitros. You will find these temporary rooms in departments and flats in particular which will be demolished or renovated.