Casa Confetti

377 rooms and apartments
Utrecht Science Park
18 m² - 30 m²

Casa Confetti is the most striking building in De Uithof and owes its name to the many colourful panels on the façade. This stunning building can be seen from afar and is located right in the heart between all the buildings of the university, university of applied sciences and provisions such a supermarket and bars. You don’t need to travel far either for a haircut: there is a hairdressing salon in the building. Within fifteen minutes, you can cycle to the centre of Utrecht. The building has fifteen floors and an enormous roof terrace, giving you a beautiful view of Utrecht to one side and the wooded area of Rhijnauwen on the other side. 377 students live here in rooms or self-contained apartments.

Apartment with four rooms
Casa Confetti has fourteen apartments, each with four rooms of approximately 18 m². You share a shower and a toilet with your housemates. There is also a large communal kitchen.

Apartment with three rooms
There are twenty apartments, each with three rooms of approximately 18 m². The SSH rents these to groups of friends. This means that occupants may nominate a new occupant themselves if a room becomes available. You share a shower and a toilet with your housemates. There is also a large communal kitchen.

Self-contained studios
The 257 studios have an average size of 30 m² and have an own kitchen, toilet and bathroom. Each floor has a communal living room which you share with other studio occupants.

Internet: Yes
Wifi: No
Elevator: Yes
Parking spaces: No
Bicycle shed: Yes

Rent allowance
It is only possible to apply for a rent allowance for the independent studios if you are 23 or older.. You can read more about this at

For whom
Casa Confetti is student complex. You can live here if you are a student. A campus contract therefore applies to the unfurnished rooms and apartments. An additional condition is that your income must be below a certain level. More information about the income check.

Casa Confetti has camera surveillance. With a view to the protection of the privacy of the occupants and visitors, the SSH has drawn up the protocol ‘Camera surveillance’.

Residents' committee                                  
There is a residents' committee active with for instance an own Facebook page and website:

How to apply
Available rooms and residences in Casa Confetti are offered via this website. Click on the button ‘Rent offers’ to check whether there is anything available. Before you can apply, you must first be registered with the SSH. The candidate with the ‘oldest’ registration number will receive an invitation to view the room.
For the so-called groups of friends, the occupants may nominate a new occupant themselves.

Looking for a room?