795 rooms and apartments
15 m² | 30 m²

Why the Warande?
The Warande is located at a beautiful green and quiet area at the Utrecht side of Zeist. Here live almost 700 students. The student complex consists of two L-formed flats with eight floors. The Warande has its own bar at the complex: De Wombat. This is the meeting place of the Warande, where you can have a drink and hang out with your neighbours. This is also where parties and fun activities are being organised. Close to the complex is a large shopping centre. Here you can get your daily groceries. Nature lovers can also get their fix: close to the Warande is a beautiful forest where you can go for a walk.

As a student you probably prefer to live in the centre of Utrecht, but the Warande is not as far away as you might think! From the Warande you can get to the city centre in twenty to thirty minutes. The Uithof campus is even closer, because it only takes fifteen minutes to get there by bicycle. There are also many busses to Utrecht and the Uithof. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday night there is also a nightbus. Very convenient after a night out!

Short Stay accommodations
At Warande, the SSH rents out about 100 furnished rooms and self-contained apartments which have been reserved by several educational institutions for their international guests. We refer to these as ‘Short Stay accommodations’.

The accommodation is furnished. The complete inventory list can be found in the housing offer on our Short Stay booking site, or on your MySSH page.

How to apply?
You can only book a furnished room or apartment via the website of the SSH after approval by your educational institution. Register for 'Short Stay accommodation'.

Regular Accommodations
The Warande has 672 rooms with an average size of 15 m². You share the facilities, such as the kitchen and bathroom, with five to ten housemates. All the rooms have their own wash basin and almost every room has a balcony.

Self-contained apartments
In addition to the rooms, there are 123 self-contained apartments at Warande. These have an average size of 30 m². You have a seperate bedroom of 10 m², as well as your own kitchen, shower and toilet.

Internet: yes
Elevator: no
Parking facility: yes, you can park your car for free next to the building
Bicycle shed: yes

Rent allowance
It is possible to apply for a rent allowance for both the rooms and the residences at www.toeslagen.nl. This is not possible for the furnished accommodations.

For whom
The Warande is a building complex for students. You can live here if you are studying at a university of applied sciences or a university. A campus contract therefore applies to the unfurnished rooms. This does not apply to the self-contained apartments. An additional condition for all types of accommodation is that your income must be below a certain level. More info.

The student complex has camera surveillance. With a view to the protection of the privacy of the occupants and visitors, the SSH has drawn up a protocol about camera surveillance.

Residents’ committee                                   
There is a residents’ committee active with their own website and Facebook page.

How to apply
Rooms and self-contained apartments available at the Warande are offered via this website. Click on the button ‘Rent offers’ to check whether there is anything available. Before you can apply, you must first be registered with the SSH. The candidate with the ‘oldest’ registration number will receive an invitation to view the room.

Looking for a room?