De Sterren

690 kamers
11 m² - 27 m²

In De Sterren (Dutch for ‘The Stars’), the former local government building at Pythagoraslaan in Utrecht, 750 students live in eleven star-shaped buildings, named after various constellations. The 75 furnished rooms in the Aquarius star are reserved for the international guests at Utrecht University and HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht. We also refer to these as the ‘reserved accommodations’. De Sterren is located in Rijnsweerd, next to De Uithof with the university, university of applied sciences and numerous facilities, such as a supermarket, sports complex and bars just around the corner. You can cycle to the centre of Utrecht in ten minutes.

Short Stay accommodations
At De Sterren, the SSH rents out 75 furnished single and shared rooms which have been reserved by Utrecht University and HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht for their international students. We refer to these as ‘Short Stay accommodations’.

The accommodation is furnished. The complete inventory list can be found in the housing offer on our Short Stay booking site, or on your MySSH page.

How to apply?
You can only book a furnished room or apartment via the website of the SSH after approval by Utrecht University or HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht. Register for 'Short Stay accommodation'.

Each apartment consists of an average of nine rooms. You share the spacious kitchen, bathroom and toilets with your housemates. The courtyard has been renovated by the SSH and is entirely available to you. You could have a nice read here or organize a barbecue for your flatmates, using the specially built barbecue spots.

The size and therefore the rent price differ per room. The smallest room has a surface area 11 m² and the largest a surface area of 27 m².

Internet: yes
Wifi: yes
Elevator: no
Parking facility: no, only paid parking
Bicycle shed: yes, indoor and outdoor bike racks

Unfortunately, there are no parking spaces available for occupants, because the existing parking spaces do not belong to the SSH. However, you can park temporarily for moving in or moving out your possessions (note: the overhead clearance is 2.10 metres). There are 20 spaces available for visitors. The parking spaces around the complex belong to the owner of the premises, De Waal. De Waal rents out the parking spaces to De Sterren. If you are interested in renting a parking space, please contact De Waal via Alex Jansen

Rent allowance
It is not possible to apply for a rent allowance for the rooms in De Sterren.

For whom
De Sterren is a student complex. You can live here if you are studying at a university of applied sciences or a university. A campus contract therefore applies to the unfurnished rooms in De Sterren. An additional condition is that your income must be below a certain level. More info.

The student complex has camera surveillance. With a view to the protection of the privacy of the occupants and visitors, the SSH has drawn up a protocol for camera surveillance.

De Sterren is located next to the nature area Bloeyendael. You are only allowed to keep caged pets, in order not to disturb the animals in the nature area. This means that you cannot have a cat or a dog if you live in De Sterren.

Residents’ committee
There is a residents’ committee active with for instance an own Facebook page.

How to apply
Rooms at De Sterren are offered via this website. Click on the button ‘Rent offers’ to check whether there is anything available. Before you can apply, you must first be registered with the SSH. The candidate with the ‘oldest’ registration number will receive an invitation to view the room.

Looking for a room?