Room in Student Complex


1,002 students live in this iconic building on the student campus De Uithof. The university, university of applied sciences and numerous facilities, such as a supermarket, sports complex and bars, are on the doorstep. Within fifteen minutes, you can cycle to the centre of Utrecht.

Casa Confetti

Casa Confetti is the most striking building in De Uithof and owes its name to the many colourful panels on the façade.

De Bisschoppen - Salamancapad

De Bisschoppen is recognizable by the two stylish black-red flats.

De Sterren

In De Sterren (Dutch for ‘The Stars’), the former local government building at Pythagoraslaan in Utrecht, 750 students live in eleven star-shaped buildings, named after various constellations.

Enny Vredelaan

The student complex Enny was built at the beginning of 1980 and offers accommodation to more than 166 students. This student complex is located in Rijnsweerd, close Utrecht Science Park and next to the swimming pool the Krommerijn.

Ina Boudier-Bakkerlaan

The IBB complex on the Ina Boudier-Bakkerlaan is SSH’s largest student complex. More than 1,300 students live in this complex which the SSH built in the late 1960s. The IBB consists of flats with four or five floors and a high-rise flat with eighteen floors. The location of the IBB is ideal.


Johanna is the very newest student complex which the SSH has built on the Bisschopssteeg in Utrecht Science Park (De Uithof). Here 655 students live in the clouds!

Tuindorp-West Complex

The Tuindorp-West Complex (TWC) is a student complex where 1250 students live. The SSH built the flats in the 1970s. The buildings are located on the Van Lieflandlaan, Gisbert Bromlaan, Frits Coerslaan and the Willem Schuylenburglaan.


Why the Warande?The Warande is located at a beautiful green and quiet area at the Utrecht side of Zeist. Here live almost 700 students. The student complex consists of two L-formed flats with eight floors. The Warande has its own bar at the complex: De Wombat.


Since 2014, the SSH rents out rooms in Lunetten in Utrecht in a complex for students. The complex at Zevenwouden is a fun refurbished office building which contains 52 rooms in total. In this complex you can live with many other fellow students.