M Building

123 single and shared rooms
Buitenwijk West
15-30 m²

The M Building is a special location, because the rooms are located in a separate wing of a former hospital. Despite the fact that this location is just a stone’s throw from the city centre of Maastricht and the university. It is quiet and there is space to sit outside or to play a game of basketball or tennis. This location is popular amongst (international) students due to the relaxed atmosphere, the location and the very spacious and furnished rooms. This location is very popular among (international) students, because of the social atmosphere of students, the central location, but also because of the affordable rooms. As mentioned before, the building originates from a former hospital, which gives the rooms a lot of space. In addition, all necessary (shared) facilities are present, there is a housing officer on location and we offer 24/7 security. In total, 145 students, starters and staff  of the university,  live here.

Each department has 15 - 18 rooms. International students from all over the world really enjoy living here. You share a kitchen (30 m²), the living room (35 m²), three toilets, a laundry- and ironing room and three showers. The common areas have every facility available. For instance, there is flat screen TV in the living room and there are refrigerators, freezers, ovens and a microwave in the kitchen. This is all included in the rent, except the laundry which is a few euros per wash. 

Single rooms
The single rooms of 16, 20, 25 or 30 m² have an own wash basin. For some rooms, you share the toilet with your neighbor and for other rooms you share the toilet with other people in your corridor. The rooms are fully furnished and neatly arranged with a bed, desk, cupboard, lamps, carpeting and curtains. The attractive colour detail on the walls adds the finishing touches. The largest rooms have their own toilet and a second wash basin.

Double rooms
The double rooms are often the same size and appearance as the single rooms. The difference is that these rooms are furnished for two people, i.e. with two beds, two closets, two desks, etcetera. These rooms have a lower rent and are ideal if you want to share a room with a friend. Also here you share the toilet with your roommate or with your hall mates.

Bus stop yes, bus stop nearby
Wifi: yes
Bicycle storage: yes
Parking facilities: only for visitors, paid per minute
Outdoor area: yes, 

Yes, to the building with green spaces and a soccer and basketball court


Rent allowance
Unfortunately, a rent allowance does not apply for these rooms.

For whom
Because the rooms and communal areas are furnished, the rooms in the M-building are very suitable for (international) students or starters who want to rent a room for a period of time. Would you like a room close to the centre of Maastricht and would you like to share experiences with fellow residents from all over the world? In that case, the M-building is your ideal place to live. To be eligible for a room in the M-building, it is not necessary that you are a student.

Campus contract
The campus contract does not apply to the M Building.

The building offers 24/7 security, where you can also check in and check out outside our office hours and ask for any urgent repair requests.

Residents’ committee
No resident’s committee is active in the M Building.

How to apply
Empty rooms in the M-building are offered via this website. Click on the 'Rental offer' button and check if there is a room available in the M-building. Before you can respond, you must first be registered with the SSH. Once you have found a room, you will have to pay a one-time reservation fee of € 77,50.


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