Muurhuizen 217

13 rooms and one apartment
City centre
15-26 m² / 43 m²

This beautiful national monument with a characteristic stepped gable lies in the medieval centre of Amersfoort. This student house is a unique place to spend your student time: the historical city centre and all the shops and little cafes are all within easy reach. Muurhuizen was built on a spot where the Amersfoort city wall was located during medieval times. Muurhuizen is a student building with thirteen rooms and one apartment.

The building has 13 rooms with a surface area between 15 and 26 m². You share facilities like a kitchen, bathroom and toilet with three or four students. The first floor is equipped with a balcony.

The apartment is as much as 43 m² and, as well as a living room including a kitchen, there is a separate bedroom, toilet and own bathroom.

Internet: no
Elevator: no
Parking spaces: paid parking in city centre
Bicycle shed: yes
Outdoor area: yes, communal courtyard

Rent allowance
It is possible to apply for a rent allowance for both the rooms and the independent living unit. For more information, visit

For whom
Muurhuizen is a student house. A campus contract therefore applies to the unfurnished rooms. This does not apply to the self-contained apartments. An additional condition for all types of accommodation is that your income must be below a certain level. More information about the income check.

How to apply
If a room becomes available, the SSH places an advertisement on this website. Click on the button ‘Rent offers’ to check whether there is anything available. Before you can apply, you must first be registered with the SSH. The candidates with the ‘oldest’ registration number will receive an invitation to become acquainted with the other occupants. The occupants then choose their future housemate.

The apartment
If an independent living unit becomes available, the SSH will place an advertisement on this website. The SSH will allocate the unit on the basis of the registration number. The candidate with the ‘oldest’ registration number will be invited to view the apartment.

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