SSH rents out 300 rooms and residences in this student city

You will only really get to experience student life properly if you live in rented accommodation! The SSH rents out rooms for students in Amersfoort. For example, you can live in the colourful ‘space boxes’ in the Kleine Koppel, or in the heart of the city centre in the former convent of Saint Joseph. Are you interested in finding out what the SSH has available for rent in Amersfoort? Take a look.

Living as a student in Amersfoort

Amersfoort is well-known for its atmosphere: small-scale, varied as well as fun. The ‘Lange Jan’ tower is the most famous eye-catcher in the city, but this is certainly not the only place of interest: the whole city centre with its medieval city walls, gates and canals is simply beautiful. The city is very popular amongst students, because in Amersfoort you can enjoy shopping, the outdoor cafes, city beach Zandfoort aan de Eem or a pub crawl. Did you know that Miss Montreal gave her first performance here? Amersfoort is rapidly becoming a real student city. The Utrecht Amersfoort University of Applied Sciences offers various courses here and is planning to expand the number of courses in the future.


Are you going to study in Amersfoort? Then you will of course take part in the Freshers’ week: the Amersfoort Introductory Days [Amersfoortse Introductie Dagen (AID)]. During the AID, you will get to know Amersfoort, the University of Applied Sciences and the student life. Three days long, all kinds of fun, interesting and sporty activities will be organized for you and more than four hundred other new first year students.

Student life

Do you not feel like studying right now? There are all kinds of things to experience in the many little cafes or at festivals such as Into the Woods. You can also become a member of an Amersfoort student association such as the StuRa or Conventus Comus. You will make new friends there in no time!

Student associations
The StuRa is the youngest student association in Amersfoort. Their main mission is to make Amersfoort a real student city. They do this by working together with the HU Amersfoort University of Applied Sciences and the municipality. The association is located in Lavendelstraat 5 in a monumental building. You can go to the association’s evening every Wednesday from 9 pm, because you do not necessarily have to be a member. If you do wish to join, for € 5, you will receive a StuRa card which you can use to obtain discounts everywhere in Amersfoort, such as in pubs, restaurants, sports schools, museums, bookshops and at festivals.

Conventus Comus
Conventus Comus, set up by students of HU Amersfoort University of Applied Sciences, is intended for every student who is living or studying in Amersfoort. There is a students’ drinks party every Wednesday evening in Curtis Café. If you become a member, you can also take part in parties and outings, galas, comedy nights and ski holidays. In addition, the association organizes discussion evenings and debates, seminars and company visits.


The Utrecht University of Applied Sciences is not just located in Utrecht but also in Amersfoort. HU Amersfoort University of Applied Sciences has a wide offer of higher professional education studies in the fields of Business and Financial Services, Education, Healthcare and Social Community Work.