When it comes to the environment, we believe that SSH should set a good example. That’s why we also look at ourselves. The CO2 emissions from our offices and employees must be reduced. You can read below how we are going to do this!

CO2 reduction target
We will measure our environmental performance annually from 2018 onwards and thus the office CO2 emissions. For example, we will keep track of what we consume when it comes to waste processing, transport, electricity, gas and water. Our goal is to use 15% less energy in the next three years than in the past three years. We will place these results on our website as soon as our performance in 2018 is inventoried.

SSH Energy Race
Do you know the Student Energy Race? In this student houses battle against each other to save as much energy as possible. And this works! That is why we’re starting an SSH Energy Race next to the Student Energy Race. The various SSH offices will be competing with each other to save as much as possible with the aim of changing our habits, when it comes to energy use in a positive way.

Green power
All SSH offices use 100% Dutch wind energy. In addition, the SSH head office is connected to district heating and there are solar panels on the roof that generate electricity for neighbours.

Company cars
All SSH employees can use service bicycles. Administrators have an electric moped. Company cars will be replaced by electric cars.

LED lighting
We will replace the current lighting with LED lighting in all SSH offices by 2020. We will also apply motion sensors where possible.

Paperless office
We try to limit our printing in the office as much as possible. All communication with our tenants is completely digital. SSH communicates via paper only when it is strictly necessary. If printing does take place, we do this on recycled paper. Our aim is to be a paperless office by 2021 and therefore no longer use any paper.