Offer by AIESEC

AIESEC Utrecht reserves a number of furnished accommodations with the SSH, especially for its International trainees and guests. The number of accommodations is limited and will be mainly used for AIESEC Utrecht trainees. Registration is free, only when you submit a reservation, you are charged with a reservation fee. International trainees and guests of AIESEC Utrecht pay a reservation fee of € 77,50 euros.

When can I book accommodation?

Academic year 2017-2018
You can register and book a room now!


Warande Zeist

€ 450


Rental Agreement & Rental Periods

The rental agreements is for a limited period of time. The maximum number of months that trainees may rent from the accommodation reserved by AIESEC Utrecht is 12 months.

Applications may be submitted by the earliest 4 months prior to the expected arrival, and only for whole calendar months with a minimum period of 1 calendar month and a maximum period of 12 calendar months starting the first day of the month and ending the last day of the month.

Terms & Conditions

How to apply

First you need to register for Short Stay accommodations on this website. Aiesec will receive a notification once you have completed your registration. Aiesec will review your registration and give approval if it is correct. After approval, you can log in to your booking page and reserve accommodation. In order to finalize your reservation, you will be asked to make the first payment.


You will be informed about the key pick up procedure before the start date of your rental agreement.