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07 Mar 2016

Student Tahir wants to prevent burglary in student rooms.

01 Mar 2016

There is no way you can deny it: the Dutch really love their bicycles.

04 Feb 2016

Welcome to all 1400 new international students! Since you have just arrived in the Netherlands, there are maybe a few things you don’t know.

19 Jan 2016

Johanna has her own wheels! The newest student complex in Utrecht is not only special because of coffee bar The Village and laundrette "De Waskamer

15 Jan 2016

Just like every year in February, many people come to the Netherlands during the second semester to study.

05 Jan 2016

Groningen has turned into a winter wonderland!

22 Dec 2015

The Dutch do not celebrate Christmas like any other country. What makes it different?

04 Dec 2015

As of this moment, it is possible again to access My SSH.

02 Dec 2015

With the introduction of the Switchpark app it has become even easier to park under Talent Square.

23 Nov 2015

Many international students continue their stay in The Netherlands after graduating.